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Creating a better world for future

UPC aim to improve life and welfare and create an environment that benefits all by thoroughly integrating sustainability into our management strategies, so that they resonate with each other.


Honesty, Prudence and Pragmatism

UPC is committed to expanding our production capacity, enhancing R&D capabilities, and pursuing technological innovation and development in order to provide customers with comprehensive products and services by upholding our company culture of “Honesty, Prudence and Pragmatism”.


Not only specializes in the chemical industry,
UPC upholds its company culture of “Honesty, Prudence and Pragmatism” and aims to create a better life for our society by integrating sustainability into our industry.
Chemicals Business

UPC dedicated to developing eco-friendly and bio-based plasticizers. Moreover, we provide a wide and diverse selection of plasticizer products portfolio, comprehensive integration services for the production, and total solution to ensure that the quality meets market demands.


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Logistics Business

UPC incorporated our core chemical business to provide high-quality integrated services across our wide network such as shipping, terminal operations, tank storage, warehousing, and vehicle transportation. We also share resources and establish strategic alliances with our suppliers to achieve the long-term goals of mutual prosperity, mutual benefit, cooperation, and sustainable management.


ESG and Sustainability

By fulfilling our corporate sustainability through measures such as business enhancement, energy and emissions reduction, employee care, and social participation, UPC has devoted to developing an eco-friendly and bio-based plasticizers in recent years, in order to progressively strengthen our sustainable management. We aim to improve life and welfare and create an environment that benefits all by thoroughly integrating sustainability into our management strategies, so that they resonate with each other.

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    World’s largest Phthalic Anhydride (PA) and plasticizer manufacturer and distributor
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    Playing a leading role in the chemical industry and follows green industrial trends
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    Providing professional technical support and services in the spirit of customer-oriented
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    Connecting the UPC Group’s businesses in Asia to provide stable and reliable logistics services
Worldwide Location

UPC has established 8 sales and production centers in Linyuan Kaohsiung (Taiwan), Zhongshan and Zhuhai (Guangdong province), Zhenjiang and Taizhou (Jiangsu province), Nanchong (Sichuan province), Panjin (Liaoning province) and Kuantan (Malaysia) in order to offer comprehensive products and services to downstream industries.


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